A Texas General Contractor

Mike Rainey - Remodeling Specialist

Mike is a master carpenter and our in house expert on interior and exterior remodeling and building. He built custom cabinets for 30+ years, and we were fortunate to have his expertise on board. Mike always pleases his clients and will see the job through. If he's in your home, you're about to get something awesome done. 

Rob Balderas - Roofing Specialist

Rob has always aimed to entertain and inform with a strong passion for customer service as well as innovation. He makes sure that each client gets plenty of personal attention as to correctly identify their needs and build a solution for them. Rob expects as much out of the company as you do, and is a great customer advocate. He has pushed what we're capable of and is a strong asset to the team. 

​Mike Mease Sr. - Production Manager

Mease is the newest addition to our team. With a background in safety and management, he is a perfect fit for this organization. It is his daily goal to organize, schedule, and manage our crews. He's one of the friendliest people you'll ever meet, and our customers' needs are his top priority. With Mease in the mix, you can be sure you'll see nothing but quality in our work!

Jeff Prouty - Founder/Owner

Jeff not only enjoys the fact that he started a successful business in 1981 that's STILL going strong, he also enjoys working alongside his family and lifelong friends. Jeff received the 2015 Paul Harris Fellow recognition from his local Rotary Club for his service to the community and contributions to the foundation. He's an active member of the local Rotary Club, Toastmasters Int, and the Chamber of Commerce. Roofing AND construction, Jeff has you covered. 

Admin. Team

Left to Right

Riley Jane Balderas - Mascot

Amber Balderas - General Manager

Carla Selvera - Office Manager

Taylor Landrum - Customer Care Rep

Meet Our Team! 

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them superheroes.                                   

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Home Specialists.


James Flite

Mauricio Mendoza

​Gilberto Cano

Jaime Perez

Roberto Benitez

Lorena Landry

​Keith Landry

Nick McIntyre - Roofing Specialist

Nick is a roofer through and through. He's been on all kinds of different roofs and has installed countless systems. His hands-on knowledge and savvy attitude has landed him a spot as our newest Specialist, though he's been with the company for quite some time. Nick will make sure that you get the right roof system and a great experience. 


​James Thibodeaux - Roofing Specialist

Jim is a great person and a professional roofer with over 35 years of expertise. Originally Jim spent his days nailing on shingles and installing metal roofs, now he utilizes his knowledge and skill of all roof types to accurately ensure your needs are met. His kind demeanor and honesty make him an irreplaceable asset to our team and message.

Boys In Blue

Carey McIntyre

Phillip Caskey

​Zach Spoth

​Cody Hawkey

​Manny Herrera