Zach Spoth - Roof 'Super'

Zach is a shining star in and out of the office! His daily routine includes making his rounds from project to project; ensuring it's kept clean and on-track! When Zach stops by for a visit, you can rest assured in knowing you're in good hands and any concerns you may have will be addressed and solved. His keen eye for the customers' expectations and a clean work space has helped him work his way from the permit department to a trusted customer advocate!

Mike Rainey - Const. Specialist

Mike Rainey is a master carpenter and our in-house expert on interior and exterior remodeling and building. He built custom cabinets for 30+ years, and we are fortunate to have his expertise on board. Mike always pleases his clients and will see the job through. If he's in your home, you're about to get something awesome done. 

Roofing & Construction Specialists

Nick McIntyre - Roofing Specialist

Nick is a roofer through and through! He's been on all kinds of different roofs and has installed countless systems. His hands-on knowledge and savvy attitude has landed him a spot as a top Specialist. He's always looking for better ways to serve our clients and make their day! Nick will ensure that you get the right roof system and a great experience, GUARANTEED!


Mike Nelson - Remodel 'Super'

After running his own company for many years, Nelson brings with him the know-how when it comes to customer satisfaction and quality control. His job consists of checking in with remodel projects daily to ensure they're on track with the clients' expectations and make note of any changes in the scope of work. He'll be with you every step of the way, and you'll be glad it was him! 

Phone: 409-945-6920

Fax:      409-945-2969

Taylor Landrum - Customer Service

Taylor Landrum is the first person you'll hear when calling into our office, and we prefer it that way! She's sweet, courteous, and aiming to solve your home improvement needs! She is a driving force in improving our everyday customer experiences and job processes. Since she gets to hear from our clients first, she makes sure their voices are heard and we're continuing to change to better fit their needs. Call today and speak with Taylor. She'll make your day! We are proud to honor her with the 2018 Above & Beyond Award!

Good people make the difference.

We take pride in all members of the GR&R team. In order to even be considered, they must first pass the
Technician Seal of Safety requirements. Once we meet with them one-on-one and ensure their skills are
up to par, we then have them submit to a drug test and background check. We will not allow anyone with
current or past behaviors that do not align with our core values. We especially wouldn't ​expect you to allow
them into your home! We want our clients to experience good people making their projects come to life!

Admin. Staff

Jeff Prouty - Owner

Jeff Prouty started this business in 1981 with an old blue pickup truck and an appetite for adventure! For years, he has nurtured this growing company into a 2nd generation staple of the community. His long-time involvement in local charities as well as the TC/LM Chamber of Commerce and Texas City Rotary, have helped him grow his customer base and expand his workforce. He finds comfort in knowing that his dream gives dozens of families the ability to support themselves while putting their skills and bright personalities to good use! 


Remodel Craftsmen

Jaime Perez (Team Member of the Year 2018), Mauricio Mendoza (Most Humble Award 2018), Gilberto Cano (Can-Do Attitude Award 2018), Keith Landry, James Flite, and Ernesto Del Cid- This team of expert craftsmen & women will help make your dreams become a reality! Years of experience and patience for perfection are qualities we require in any carpenter that joins our team! They'll help put a personal touch to your home that'll make it feel like the masterpiece you were looking for. To top it all off, they're friendly to work with and a pleasure to have in your home. 

Cody Hawkey - Roofing Specialist

Cody's shown his professionalism and knowledge by shining through in his previous position on our Boys In Blue crew! When first joining the team, he brought his extensive knowledge in construction, and we saw an opportunity to help him become better rounded in his studies. He joined the BIB and developed some know-how that has earned him a role in developing roofing and home improvement systems that fit his clients' needs. If he visits your home, you'll see why he was the Silver Medal recipient of our 2018 Team Member of the Year Award! 


'Boys in Blue' Roof Repair Techs

Phillip Caskey, Cody Hawkey, Christian Landrum, and Carey McIntyre - These men are sure to impress you! They've got years of experience and skills that will blow you away! Each repair completed by the BIB roof repair techs is carefully planned out and performed. They're goal is to get the job right the first time and leave the project cleaner than it was before they started. We are proud to have them representing the entire team when they show up at your door. They'll make your day! They are shining stars on our team as Carey received the 2018 Most Versatile Award, and Phillip received the Most Encouraging Award. 

Carla Selvera - Office Manager 

Carla Selvera is the newest member of our team, and we're PROUD to have her on board! With over 30 years of administrative experience, she was the perfect pick to run the office. Her can-do attitude and always friendly service makes her ever-impressive and turns clients into lifelong friends. We are proud to award her with 2018's Rookie of the Year Award!


Project 'Supers'

Rob Balderas - Roofing Specialist

'Lightning' Rob has always aimed to entertain and inform with a strong passion for 
​customer service as well as innovation. He was even voted Innovator of the Year for 2018! He makes sure that each client gets plenty of personal attention as to correctly identify their needs and build a solution for them. Rob expects as much out of the company as you do, and is a great customer advocate. He has pushed what we're capable of and is a strong asset to the team. He's a rock star!

Jim Thibodeaux - Roofing Specialist

'On-Time Thibodeaux' is a great person and a professional roofer with over 35 years of experience. Originally, Jim spent his days nailing on shingles and installing metal roofs. Now, he utilizes his knowledge and skill of all roof types to accurately ensure your needs are met. His kind demeanor and honesty make him an irreplaceable asset to our team and message. We are proud to honor him with 2018's Best Maintained Truck Award!

Amber Balderas - General Manager

Amber Balderas aspires to carry on her father's legacy. Starting from answering the phones and typing estimates, she has learned the ropes in countless roles and worked her way up to General Manager. If you've got an issue that needs solving or one of our teammates to praise, she wants to hear about it! With a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, she hopes to offer her clients and her team the quality environment they deserve, THE BEST! 

Mike 'Mease' - Production Manager

Mease's role is to organize, schedule, and manage our crews. Our customers' needs are his top priority. With a background in safety and management, he's just right for this organization. Having Mease in the mix, you can be sure you'll see nothing but quality in our work!



Our Team