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Dependable Santa Fe Roofing Contractor

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Your Santa Fe home sees lots of rain, shine, and wind throughout the year. It should also regularly see a trusted roofing contractor. We at Guaranteed Roofing & Remodeling have decades of experience under our belt in providing consistently satisfactory service to Santa Fe residents when it comes to their homes.

We are more than just a roofing contractor; our experts have skills and knowledge in a variety of home improvement jobs such as home repairs, additions, and remodels both internally and externally. Whether you're looking for a patio cover installation or a roof repair, we are the ones you can turn to in confidence that you will receive a job well done.

Show Your Santa Fe Home You Care With Quality Roof Repairs

You'd be surprised how much your Santa Fe home goes through in a year. Between the long, hot summers, the windy winters, and the excessive rain, your roof can get worn down. Having a professional come and inspect your roof at least once a year for regular maintenance and repair can extend your roof's lifespan and save it from damage.

Routine maintenance and repair are both great preventative measures when it comes to roof damage, and they can also be great ways to stop any existing damage from worsening or reaching the point of becoming unsalvagable. Our experts know just what to look for and can help with repairs to damage such as:

  • Loose, damaged, or missing shingles
  • Cracks and holes
  • Water leaks or water damage
  • Moss, mold, and/or mildew

With us, you can rest assured that your roof and your home are in great hands.

Roof Installation For Your Santa Fe Home

If the damage to your roof has escalated to the point where it needs to be replaced, or it's otherwise time for a roof installation, we have you covered. Not only are we experienced experts when it comes to roof repairs, but also roof installations. We will do everything that we can to eliminate as much stress as possible when it comes time to have your roof installed.

We understand the trust that you are putting in us when you allow us to work on your home, especially on such a big task, and we do not take that lightly or for granted. If you are looking for a roofing contractor in Santa Fe that you can trust, call us today at 409-945-6920 to schedule a service.

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