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Roof Repairs: Addressing Galveston's Roof Leaks, Loose Shingles, & More


As a homeowner, you know the importance of making sure all parts of your Galveston home remain in their best condition to keep you and your family safe. Roof repairs play a big part in doing just that. Your roof is your house's biggest defense against the outside elements, and when it gets damaged it's imperative that said damage gets fixed.

We at Guaranteed Roofing & Remodeling have over forty years of experience as a trusted roofing contractor for Galveston residents. We have the skill and the knowledge to help you deal with your roof in the safest and easiest manner possible. You can be sure that you and your roof are in good hands when you call us for roof repairs.

Fixing Shingles & Roof Leaks

Loose shingles are one of your roof's worst enemies. They can also be hard to catch if your roof isn't regularly inspected. If your roof's shingles are loose, it could allow for leaves and other debris to lodge themselves underneath which could lead to rotting. This could also lead to leaks.

If you find water stains or pools in the attic or highest level of your home, you may have a leaking roof. This excess water in your home can cause mold, rot, paint and surface chipping or damage, and could even be a health risk to you and your family. Getting these issues fixed as early as possible is always best, which is why it's recommended to have your roof inspected at least once a year.

What Happens If You Don't Address Your Roof's Need For Repairs?

If a loose shingle or a roof leak goes untreated, the damage will only get worse. Allowing any such damage to be ignored could:

  • Allow the issue to grow; if one shingle is loose, there's a chance there are more. Ignoring it just allows them to grow weaker over time
  • Cause the leak to increase in size and severity; if the water damage is extensive enough this could even lead to your roof sagging
  • Allow for growths and harmful fungus to grow
  • Lead to the need for a whole roof replacement rather than simple roof repairs

Ultimately, not addressing any damage to your roof that needs repairs can make it go from minor damage that's easily fixed to major damage that requires a roof replacement. Letting it get to that point will only cost you more money, time, and stress.

If your Galveston home needs roof repairs, don't hesitate to call us at 409-945-6920 to schedule a service today.

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