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Roof Replacement: Installing Roofs For Homes & Businesses In Galveston


The roof of your Galveston home should be looked after and taken care of. If you are in need of a roof replacement, it's best to discover that as soon as possible. We want to make sure that you can be confident in the state of your house and its safety. Don't spend any extra time, money, or stress on your roof; let us handle it.

We at Guaranteed Roofing & Remodeling have over forty years of experience being a trusted roofing contractor for Galveston residents. We'd love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Whether it's a roof replacement or other more minor roof repairs, we can handle the job in a professional and efficient manner.

New Roof Installation

Getting a new roof installed can seem like a huge and intimidating job. You may be worried about the time and money it will cost you, justifiably so. Rest assured, we do everything we can to alleviate these concerns.

We use budget-friendly materials in order to help you save money. We also work efficiently to ensure that we are working within your timeline to the best of our ability. We don't just want to work for you but with you, to make sure the job is done up to your standards.

We also have different Tamko heritage shingle color options for you to choose from. These include rustic-hickory, rustic cedar, weathered wood, and rustic black. Feel free to call our office for more options.

Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

You probably go about your daily life without giving your roof much more than a passing glance, unless there is an issue. While this is usually fine, it's always good to know what to be on the lookout for. Below are some signs that your roof might be due for a replacement.

  1. Age: 20+ years:
  2. Missing Shingles
  3. Granules in Your Gutters
  4. Ceiling Damage/Water Stains
  5. Mildew or Mold in Your Attic
  6. Popped Up Shingles / Exposed Nail Heads
  7. Missing / Unsealed Flashing
  8. Inconsistent Appearance
  9. Sagging Roof
  10. Dark Spots on Your Roof

While these signs can point to needing a roof replacement, they could also just require repairs. It can be hard to tell if the roof requires a replacement or not, especially if you are not a professional. Call us today at 409-945-6920 to schedule a roof replacement service, or to have us give your Galveston home's roof an inspection.

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